Jun 22

I miss the Concorde. It just looks so cool and as a kid I always imagined it to be the best plane out there. C’mon NY to Paris in under 4 hours! It was fast! Too bad I never got to ride it, but at least I was fortunate to see one at JFK.

May 06

OMFG! Such an awesome commercial and even if you don’t understand tagalog or spanish, I’m sure you can still figure out what’s going on. If not then here’s a little recap…

Dude returns to Madrid, Philippines after visiting Madrid, Spain. He tells everyone how things are ‘ok’ there but how the Metro is so freakin’ amazing! Everyone in town is amazed by this ‘Metro’ and decide to build their own little version…

Ah yes, all of us filipinos live in rice fields… 😉

(ok back to work for me!)

May 01

I think this is why I love hotdog…

Apr 14

It’s hot here… haha!

(i thought the wave at the end was cute)

(anyone notice the yuna poster during the credits)

Apr 10

I don’t know what it is but I’ve been randomly searching for flights to Vancouver, Colorado, NY, London, Barcelona and Copenhagen… this has been going on for a couple days already. I’ve even been watching those inflight safety videos on YouTube. Talk about sad. What’s ironic is that I hate flying because of the flight I had to endure to Manila and back. I was cramped, the guy next to me smelled, and the plane looked like crap. I didn’t even get my own tv! On the way back I was actually sick and that made my flight even more horrid. Ok maybe it’s not the flying itself I hate but the fact that I was in coach.

I just miss the whole flying experience from those little travel packets that you get, to the food, massagers, and the tv. But then there was stuff like the seats working properly, the fact that they looked nice and that you weren’t squished to the person beside you. I remember as a kid that I would always beg my mom to pick to longer flights because I had a an awesome time in the plane. The fact that I was really small helped a lot since I could easily sleep in any seat. That and ummm… cuz I was in business class. HAHA