Jul 02

Oh god, earlier I was watching my bro down Magtheridon and now I have the urge to play WoW again. :S And how did this happen.. he’s so much more into WoW than I am! He’s 1 away from his tier set (something I’ve only dreamed about) and he already got his netherdrake mount.

Maybe I’ll just play for a teeny bit.. that can’t hurt right? maybe I’ll try working on my uber hot looking pally. argh.. ok wish me luck!

I played for about 30 mins and I think I’m over it already. HAHA

Feb 13

WoW Account Cancelled

What can I say? I hearthed back into this place called Irvine two months ago and have actually been enjoying it. I figure it was only natural to cancel any plans to teleport back into the world of Azeroth anytime soon. Afterall, I don’t want to pay $15 a month to maintain a stack of Rune of Teleportation.

But do not fret fellow Azerothians, for I, Schibby, will not be gone forever. I will be back when the time is right. Do not lose hope.

Aug 22

LVL 70 bitches! rawwr!!11 Took my like 2 weeks to go from lvl 61 to 70, which I thought was pretty good. All I did these past few weeks was go home from work, turn on the computer, and log on to WoW.

Anyway, I got my flying mount too.. I’m just glad that I had enough money to buy it the moment I hit 70. Keep in mind that I had to get my journeyman riding skill too cause the epic pvp mount I had didn’t journeyman riding skill.

And this was me just before turning in my quest that made me 70.

Time to do some raids and get some cool gear! There goes another couple months of my life down the drain.


Aug 14

“Ptsch, bitch, I’m a mage…” haha awesome! This is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time..