Jan 22

Oh my, it’s been a while since I had a decent post. So I’m sure you’re all wondering (maybe some of you? maybe one of you?) what’s new with me. Well to sum it all up in one word, it’s… Europe!

Yeah, I know I’ve been hinting on it since last year, but it was only last week when we put some money down for our trip? “Our” you ask? It’s my mom and I that’s going. But yeah, I didn’t want to say anything about it before because I didn’t want to get my hopes up of going till I knew for sure I was going.

We plan on going in April and we’ll be stopping by more than a handful of countries, namely: England, France, Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein (if you count that as a country), Germany, Netherlands, and Belgium. Phew! Yes it’s a lot of countries, but the downside to it all is that the whole trip is only for 2 weeks. Say it isn’t so! Well it is so. So while we do get to see several countries, we’ll only be in each one for a day or 2. But hey, the idea was to figure out which countries to focus on the next time around. Yes, there will be a next time!!!

On a side note, I’ve been taking French classes since last August. It’s going quite well and I think I can get by when I get to France… besides, a lot of people speak English in Paris anyway.

Anyway, things aren’t all rosy yet. I still need to get visas! I’m not as lucky as some of you who just have to wave their passport to get in the country. Me? I gotta fill out applications, get bank statements, get employment verification letters, show the itinerary, then pray my visa gets approved before actually going to Europe. Tomorrow, my mom and I are heading to the German Consulate to get the first of two visas for the trip. I gotta wake up early because they only accept applications from 8-11a :( Anyway, wish us luck!

Jul 17

I was watching The Suze Orman show last night and someone was asking whether or not she can afford a trip to London. Suze just kept talking about how silly it is to go there especially with the current exchange rates. Then I started thinking… Suze is right. I already estimated the costs a few weeks ago but it didn’t hit me till Suze spoke yesterday that I’m going to be spending a lot. What’s even worse is that if I wait just a little longer I could be spending a lot less.

But fuck it… if I don’t go now I never will! I owe it to my mom to take just take her out since.. umm.. she’s normally stuck at home most of the time… cleaning… and cooking. HAHA. oh i’m so bad.

On another note, earlier I spoke to Joyce and lucky her, she got her green card. So grats to her on that one! YAY! And because of her green card, she mentioned something that made my eyes go wide open: EspaƱa. O_O OMG she said that Juno and her might go for New Years and I was like.. I want to go but I’m gonna be really really broke if I do (especially with my other trip following a few months later). Besides I need to save up my vacation time!

So yeah, that’s my life right now.. europe and becoming a flight attendant. God, I actually cringe everytime I think about being a flight attendant. It’s just so.. GAY.. like wtf to the max. -.-

Jul 16

I’ve been thinking about it for a bit and I think being a flight attendant would actually be fun. I’d get to travel the world and spend a lot of time on a plane. That’s like my dream right there! On the downside I’d have to be serving people and umm.. I don’t think I’d be very good at that. I’d rather be served! hehe! And let’s not forget bitchy customers.. who in their right mind would want to deal with them!

At this point you’re probably wondering why not just become a pilot.. I still get to travel but without the bitchy customers. Alas, I’m after the cool looking uniforms. The pilot uniform is.. how shall I say.. not tres tres chic. (Yes, I can be that shallow!) Besides, it seems like flight attendants have more fun than pilots… case in point (jump to 3.02):

Hrmm, maybe being a flight attendant is cool because it’d be like college again. Now you have to admit that some of those flight attendants are cute! So if it’s not the glamour that appeals to my inner gay, then it’s definitely the cute gay guys. (again, i’m that shallow) On a side note, did you think the male Etihad uniform looks like it was taken out of a Japanese high school??

Anyway, I really doubt I’d ever become a flight attendant. As you may know, there are sooooo many things I want to be and this is just one of those things. But hey, I’m still young (26 is still young right?!) and maybe I’m really meant to fly the friendly skies.

I leave you now with this.. another hot flight attendant, Celine Dion, and lots of awesome pictures!

Jul 06

Untitled from Remyyy on Vimeo.

Jun 28

I saw this on the Kathy Griffin show a while ago. Now I know what to take next time I go to Sydney. HAHA!