Feb 27

Some of you may remember my voicemail greetings a while back. You know, there was one about Pop Idol, then some drama show, and then there’s this one about skateboarders. The skateboarders ident is really one of my faves. It’s seriously one of their best ones (their news idents a year or 2 ago were pretty good too). The calming music juxtaposed against something as thrilling as skateboarding was a great idea. the timing of the music and tricks is excellent too. c’est magnifique! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched this… no wonder it received one of the greatest awards… being one of my voicemail greetings. 😀

Now, I’m still trying to figure out where the music is from so I can play it on the piano. Can you believe it? 4 years I’ve been looking! If you know what it is then leave a comment! (None of this boycotting crap! lol). Anyway, thank goodness for YouTube (again) so I can finally share the full ident with you on my blog. Enjoy.

Jan 09

Boy, does this bring back memories

Oct 06

Does anyone ever watch this show on MTV? I cannot believe the people on that show. It’s not the fact that they’re super rich but it’s cause they’re such skanky bitches (even the guys!). It’s just pathetic and plain tacky how they all try to flaunt how rich they are and how much they want to be envied. “oh i spent $100K plus and my party is gonna be the best in town!” what’s sad is that they spend so much money and the party does not look impressive at all… again tacky is what comes to mind.

Now if you watch that show you should know this bitch. She’s probably the worst out of the whole lot


OMG I don’t know what I’d do if she ever come from my loins. LoL. seirously there must be a word worse than bitch to describe her! If she was my daughter I would probably disown her. I never said I’d be a good parent. 😉 Actually it’d be better if she wasn’t my daughter, at least that way I can smack her and hopefully knock some sense into her. Who here wishes that one classmate of hers, who didn’t get invited, beat the crap out of her? me me me!!

But you know, the one thing I love about this show is how I’m reminded that money does not buy class.

Sep 24


You guys gotta see OK Go‘s awesome video, A Million Ways. If you’re even remotely a geek, nerd, etc. then you should have some sort of appreciation for their dance routine.

C’mon there’s that whole Matrix bit that they pull off

OK Go Matrix

and that cute little 70s-Saturday-Night-Fever-esque-Move

OK Go in Ballet

They were also in Late Call with Carson Daly today, why you’d be watching that show if it weren’t for them just escapes me…

OK Go in Carson Daly

Don’t you think the lead looks pretty cute?

OK Go Lead

Speaking of Carson Daly, he had some of the ugliest dogs on the show today. I thought I’d share the mental damage those dogs caused me so here’s one of them…

Ugly Dog

Holy fucking shit, Batman! It looks like someone swallowed that dog, didn’t digest it and then shat it out… how someone could do that also escapes me

Aug 15

Today I woke up around 4am because I had to take a piss. It happens everyday and I hate it. But today was different, I was so sleepy and out of it that I lost my balance before I got to take a leak. I dunno how it happened, I was just standing there and next thing I know I was leaning too far back and I rammed myself into the towel rack behind me. I didn’t realise how bad it was till the morning when I saw the towel rack was bent! I tried to fix it and here’s how it looks right now…

Towel Rack

Today was terrible too… I was so sleepy. I kept dozing off at work and I had a headache again! ugh! I was probably tired because I did absolutely nothing during the weekend. Now isn’t that ironic? I just stayed at home, on my bed reading a book and watching TV.

Let’s see, I had a big headache on Saturday and Sunday so I didn’t want to go out at all. Joyce asked me to go to the Tofu Festival and Al Lowe suggested we go to Beige. Both sounded so good but I didn’t think I could survive the trip over there and back. Heck I barely survived going out to get lunch. I wonder if there’s something really wrong my head or if I’m just not getting enough sleep.

Sunday was pretty much dedicated to finishing the 5th Harry Potter book. I finished it but it was the most tedious thing to read. Joyce and I agree that Harry whined too much in that book, just like Ephram from Everwood. I fell asleep a couple of times reading the book.. then again I shouldn’t have read the book while in bed. I’ll be putting the 6th book on hold and focus on the Chronicles of Narnia next… I’m just sick of Harry Potter right now.

I also managed to watch a couple episodes from the second season of Spooks (a.k.a. MI-5 over here) on Sunday. If you haven’t heard about it, just think of it as a more down to earth version of Alias, sans the hot leading actress. After Spooks I wanna start watching Freaks & Geeks. It’s one of the best tv series ever; unfortunately, it was short lived due to low ratings. You know it’s set in the 80s (I love the 80s) and if you were a geek or a freak you could definitely relate. Another tv series that I really miss is the WB’s Grosse Pointe.

The WB was really great back then (1998-2001). How could I have surived high school without the WB? Well we didn’t have the WB back home.. Dawson’s Creek was on channel 21 but it was like a season behind. However, I sort of cheated I had my bro tape the episodes for me and had him ship it back home. haha! If it weren’t for Dawson’s Creek and Felicity, life would have been a drab. Not a word from you Al Lowe!

Dawson’s Creek man! OMG! Actually I stopped watching that show when it got all crazy.. when everyone dated each other already and they were going for seconds.. but the first 2 years were great… and what made it great was Jack’s storyline. It was that whole coming out thing.. Matt (down2reef) and I were suckers for that stuff back then. After every episode all we talked about what happened with Jack.
Also who could forget about duck face, I mean Jen.

Then there was Felicity. I started watching it during senior year in high school. C’mon, I was looking forward to college at the time and Felicity gave me a preview of what life could be like once I got there. Little did I know that UCI was a far cry from the University of New York. If there was ever a show that represented life in UCI it would have been cancelled after the first episode. The only thing I watch now on the WB is the Gilmore Girls. After all these years it’s still a fun show to watch.

BTW, I apologise for bringing up Dawson’s Creek but I was suddenly hit with nostalgia.