Jul 13

Anyone know a good piano tutor around here? Cheap.. but good. I really need to work on technique =(


Jun 02

Christmas Time is Here from A Charlie Brown Christmas.

I have the version for 2 pianos and since I’m the only one who plays the piano in my family, I had to improvise and do some Adobe Premiere magic. :)

YES, I know it’s June!!

Mar 21

the page turning is awesome! the style, the grace. unbelievable. (not me, btw)

Mar 09

OMG this looks like so much fun! The 5 Browns ladies and gentlemen.

Mar 07

Lately, I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos of people playing the piano and I thought, “Hey, I could do better!” So today, I decided to whip out my digital camera, since I don’t have a video camera, and gave it a try.

My first performance is from Pride and Prejudice, called Stars and Butterflies. It’s a nice piece to listen to. Very calming I guess. It’s technically an easy piece but I’ll be honest, I still made a few mistakes :-( Ugh and after the 7th take, I gave up and decided to go with what I had. I was also using the mute on my piano so the piano sounds muffled. One other complaint I have about the video is that you can hear me stepping on the sustain pedals. Yeah it annoys me too.

Despite all that, I still think the video came out pretty good. I played smoothly. No big mistakes. Hope you like it :)