Aug 09

Lauren came over today and we saw American Teen. We were supposed to catch the 4.30 showing but because she woke up late (ahem ahem), we ended up seeing the 7pm showing. When we got to the theatre, we find out that 3 of the American Teen cast (Mitch, Colin, and Jake) were doing a QA. They were standing by the entrance talking with a couple movie goers about the movie.

American Teen Cast
From left to right: some random chic, Colin, Mitch, and Jake

The thing is, Lauren and I didn’t know too much about the movie aside from what we’ve seen in the trailers so we didn’t really have any questions for them. I wanted to talk to them.. but yeah, I didn’t know what to ask!

Even worse is that the QA session was for the 4.30 showing! So they pretty much left after the movie started. Sigh.

I gotta admit, it’s a good movie… even though it’s a high school movie. You could think of it as a real version of Dawson’s Creek (sans the gay dude). Definitely something I can relate to, and I think I would have loved it even better if I saw the movie while I was still in high school.

Dec 27

Here’s a powerful song by Edith Piaf. My favourite part…

“Shall I wait by the grave / For my lost lover’s kiss? / Stop the bell! Stop the bell!! / I’ve no tears left to cry / Must I stay here in hell? / Lord above, let me die…”

Edith Piaf, 1956

No more smiles, no more tears
No more prayers, no more fears
Nothing left, why go on
When your lover is gone
Shout with one
Ring the bells
Throughout the towns
And the farms
Will the shouts and the bells
Bring him back to my arms
Must each man go to war
Evermore, evermore
While some lone woman stands
Empty heart, empty hands
When the time came to part
And he kissed me goodbye
From the depths of my heart
Came a great lonely cry:

Heaven have mercy!
Heaven have mercy!

Miners came
They carved his name
Upon a cross…
I remember the dance
Where we first fell in love
How we whirled ’round and ’round
While the stars danced above
We would walk by the shore
Watch the ships sail away
Lovers need nothing more
Just a new dream each day
So we dreamed of a home
With a garden so fine
And a son with his eyes
And a nose just like mine
Now it’s done, why be brave?
Why should I live like this?
Shall I wait by the grave
For my lost lover’s kiss?

Stop the bell! Stop the bell!!
I’ve no tears left to cry
Must I stay here in hell?
Lord above, let me die…

Heaven have mercy!
Heaven have mercy!
Heaven have mercy!

Dec 27

Don’t you hate it when you’re having an amazing time with the love of your life only to find out that it’s a dream and that the love of your life is… well… just a dream? I swear it’s happened to me a couple times already. It’s like I’d wake up all of a sudden, realise it’s all a dream, then get depressed. Really annoying.

What also breaks my heart is that one scene fro La Môme (aka La Vie en Rose). It’s been on my mind these past couple of days and as you saw, Édith finds out that the love of her life, Marcel, has died in a plane crash on his way to see her. The way the scene plays out like a dream at first, you know, being all romantic and light. Then reality starts creeping when we see her friends, who all have this grim and almost ghost like appearances. OMG we know something is wrong and she starts realising it too and finally someone tells her about the plane crash… omg heaven have mercy.

Dec 10

::squeals like a girl:: I love Mylène! Puisque sans contrefaçon je suis un garçon. Ok yes the song is old but last Friday, out of nowhere, I started humming that song and I knew I had to YouTube her. You’re lucky I didn’t embed Kate Ryan’s Voyage Voyage song, which was also stuck on my mind that day.. hehe. “voyage voyage! plus loin que la nuit et le jour.. voyage!!” Bah, who am I kidding?!

I remember Dar telling me he couldn’t even get through half that video. Funny, that’s what I said about 2 girls 1 cup. Speaking of which, Lillian saw 2 girls 1 cup and didn’t even flinch! I even have the video to prove it, I’d upload it… but umm.. it’d be hella boring. No reaction whatsoever. Same thing goes for BME Pain Olympics. balls of steel!

Oh yeah, so last Sunday Lillian and I went to Joyce’s place to check out Rock Band. I started with drums and moved on to bass. One thing I noticed though after playing a song was that my eyes started burning. Am I so into the game that I forget to blink?! Sans contrefaçon.

(not me btw)

Nov 20

OH MAH FREAKIN’ GOD! A suspense movie that deals with math in spanish… and Alejo Sauras is in it! ::creams pants:: I wonder what it’s about…

It is the early 90s and 4 mathematicians are invited to some mansion to solve one of the greatest problems in mathematics or they end up crushed to death. they solve it, but the antagonist ends up killing them anyway and steals the proof.. and it turns out the mastermind is none other than Andrew Wiles!