Sep 24

[I saw this on towleroad] Apparently there’s a parody on the whole Paris Hilton Carl’s Jr. commercial. No I’m not referring to this one (please, everyone has seen that already):

Ugly Carl's Jr. Parody

I’m referring to THIS ONE:

Hotter Carl's Jr. Parody

Hotter Carl's Jr. Parody

Social commentary, parody, whatever… all I know is that I have a craving for Carl’s Jr.

Aug 30

Joyce and Juno stopped by work today. It’s always nice to have friends around the office when you’re the only working, isn’t it? Thank god they stopped by, otherwise, I would have been there for a couple more hours. LoL. Anyway, we had dinner at this restaurant called Ten over at Newport.

Ten Restaurant

You know it’s gonna be good when there’s a big water display at the front of the restaurant. Food was really good. If I’m not mistaken we started with the Shrimp Tempura Roll and for some reason the shrimp tasted a little like sea water. I dunno.. I liked it. Then I had this thing called the Mongolian Style New York. It’s like beef strips with mushrooms and rice noodles. It reminded me of something I had at PF Changs but was just so much better because the beef was nice and tender… mmm.

Well food critic, I am not… but I try.

On the way back Juno had Flaming Lips playing in his car and it just made me think about this little video clip I took a few weeks ago. You just gotta love the Flaming Lips for coming up with Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots.

Flaming Lips

That was me laughing like an idiot and trying to sing along. whatever…

Aug 28


This photograph was taken by Komusin. Really cute, no?

Flickr – more of Komusin’s photographs
Cute-surreal photo illos from Korea: Komusin – Boing Boing article on Komusin

Aug 03

Yesterday Jon of USC and I had lunch at Frescas and it came to his attention that I never drank beer before. Oh sure there’s the occassional sip when I was a kid but never in my life have I really drank beer. BTW, the murder charges were dropped for Jon of USC because Limp Richard was just a toy. Who can seriously trust the law enforcement these days? So it became Jon of USC’s goal for me to drink beer before he left our company for good. Oh and today was his last day at work. Now I don’t have anyone to boss around. :-(

Enter today, the 3rd of August, around noon. The sun was shining bright and there was the fresh scent of fertiliser in the air. Jesse, and I took a ride in Jon’s car and headed to Red Robin for lunch and to have a beer.

Where else can you publicly show your affection to someone through a gift card?

Miss you

Ahhh romance at its finest…

I took Jon of USC’s suggestion to start with the Hefeweizen. He said it was light and it’d be easy on the noob… me.


You know what? It didn’t turn out to be bad at all! I was surprised! I actually came in the restaurant thinking I’d puke the moment I took a sip of the beer. But no! I didn’t even wash the beer down with water and it made my food even more enjoyable. In fact the beer was pretty good that I finished the whole thing.

Hefeweizen Empty

I was victorious!

It was around this time when we finished eating. Unfortunately, my tolerance for alcohol isn’t that great and it didn’t take long before the alcohol started to kick in. I was buzzed. buzzzzedd! LoL 😀 That’s really not bad since I don’t have to spend a ton of money if I want to get wasted.

Jon paid for lunch which was cool of him. However, looking through the photos just confirmed what I though about Jon of USC… he is none other than the Evil Jon of USC! This is the picture that confirmed by beliefs

Evil Jon

Do you not see those red eyes?! It’s a sign of the devil I tell you! The horror! It’s as if he’s putting a curse to whoever is looking at the photo. Oh yeah, that’s me wasted in the background.

Let’s not forget about Jesse, who also had a Hefeweizen. Unlike me, he can drink like a bear and still stay sober. Here he is looking very inspired… just beautiful!


But folks.. this isn’t the end of the story! Just because the bill was paid for doesn’t mean the story is over, because I had the sudden urge to drink another beer! Did I forget to tell you that we had to get back to work after this? Cause we did and work was on my mind, but I was having fun. LoL. So instead of leaving the table we flagged down our server and had another round of drinks. Jon had the diet coke, since he had to drive, Jesse had the Sierra Nevada beer, which I liked, and I had the black & tan.

black and tan

It was obviously a lot stronger in flavour but was still good to drink; however, the after taste was horrendous. I think I can even taste some of it now. Anyway, I finished it because beer is not to be wasted.

Now here I am, sort of proud and fucked up, after just two beers.


But hey I still made it to work and was able to perform my job… sort of.