Aug 13

the Elevator

I sort of got the idea to do this short film after doing Waiting Patiently pt 1. Waiting Patiently pt 1 was more like a spur of the moment thing, while the Elevator had been swimming in my mind for a couple of days. the Elevator is pretty much an extension of Waiting Patiently pt 1, in fact I took some clips from Waiting Patiently pt 1 and stuck it into this film. Hopefully you’ve also read some of my earlier posts so that you can figure out what’s going on in the movie. It’s not like I’m not pulling this shit out of my ass…

It took me 30 mins to shoot the footage and about 1.5 hours to edit everything. I shot it with my HP R707 camera so you’ll have to pardon the poor quality. The footage was then edited with Windows Movie Maker, since it came with my computer. Keep in mind it’s my first time to do a short film so please watch it and hopefully enjoy it! It’s only 3MB and it’s in WMV format so you’ll need Windows Media Player.

Aug 05

Took me 2 hours to do that little comic strip you see below. It’s my first comic strip… ever! So be nice 😀 Now I gotta eat dinner.


Aug 05

CI Boys Go to WeHo

CI Boys Go to WeHo

CI Boys Go to WeHo

CI Boys Go to WeHo

CI Boys Go to WeHo

Jul 30

WARNING message

Alas, it my unfortunate duty to report that Limp Richard has been murdered last Thursday afternoon (you can find more about limp richard here). I was the one who found him dead that day. Probably the grossest thing I’ve seen ever! I nearly puked with what I saw.

I managed to take a picture of the crime scene Friday morning before police arrived. Oh the horror!

crime scene

The Suspect? The evil and sadistic Jon of USC. The motive? Jon of USC got bored and decided to sever Limp Richard’s head. The police have released the only known image of Jon of USC. It’s a picture was taken by me, while I was documenting the life of Limp Richard. It was just by pure luck that Jon of USC was in the background.

Jon of USC

Fortunately, through some detective work, I found another picture of Jon of USC (shit.. he’s gonna kill me for this). As you can see, this guy is crazy.

Jon of USC must be stopped. He was no where to be found when police stopped by Friday in his place of work. He is still at large and is currently believed to be hiding in San Diego.

In other news, Limp has been laid to rest. Here are some pictures of the funeral preparations:

His culture dictates that an Aussie Bites cookie must be placed on the severed area.

Aussie Bite

Once the cookie was placed, the severed head was placed on top of the cookie to symbolise some crap superstition I don’t understand.

Mind over body

The body was then buried head first. It is embarassing since you can only see his ass hole from the this point of view.

Ass hole

As you probably noticed, the cookie was not buried with the body. In fact, it was taken right before he was buried and given to the family for them to feast on. Since I was the only “family” member, I had to eat the whole cookie.

Ass hole

UGH! Gross.

Jul 26

His Limp Dick

That image probably caught your attention. Joyce gave me that little toy last week and I have it sitting on top of my monitor at work… ahem, no it’s not a dildo (puhleez!). Or maybe it’s just me but doesn’t that look like a limp dick?! It’s like something you’d see on Michelangelo’s David! The picture above reminds me of those tacky penis postcards of David you see in the streets of Rome.

Actually if I zoom out the picture tells a completely different story. Sit back ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you The Series of Unfortunate Events of Limp Richard.

Portait of the Limp Dick

Now Limp Richard is always angry. Don’t mind him. He’s pissed off because of his limp-dick-looking arms. He never told me why his arms look like that but kids, I have a suspicion that it came from an evil witch or wizard (Malfoy perhaps?).

I told him plastic surgery would help, so he immediately made a call to this doctor I knew. He got even more pissed off after he found out how much it costs to do the procedure.

Limp Dick making the call

To help ease the pain, I gave him some beer. Unfortunately, got stuck after falling into the mug.

Limp Dick Drunk

Anyway, I urge all of you to donate some dinero so he can get the procedure done. Just paypal it to my account and I’ll be sure to pass it on to Limp Richard (or maybe not). Be kind to this guy when you meet him. I tried to be kind, but I had a hardest time ignoring his arms. It actually took me a couple of days to get passed that whole limp dick thing, cause that’s all I’d see whenever I look at him! The frequent staring resulted in my butt getting kicked by this guy :-( Yeah I’m sure you guys would like to see what my butt looked like.