May 10

My prayers have finally been answered! The sheet music finally came out for Pride & Prejudice. It must have come out a while back but it’s only now that I’ve bothered to check again. I can’t begin to tell you how much I love the music. Listening to the soundtrack just makes me feel so calm… take for example Dawn. One thing I also love about the soundtrack is that it’s geared towards the piano so I’m guessing the arrangements are going to turn out great.

Anyway today I just finished reading/listening Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Things sort of picked up around chapter 24 and at that point I couldn’t stop reading. Thank god for audio books so that I could continue on with the story while laying down in bed with the lights turned off, or when driving on the way to work. Actually that was sort of a bad idea listening to the story while driving at work this morning. Let’s just say something VERY important was going on (like a turning point in the whole story) while I was going down the 405. I got pretty emotional and teary eyed but good thing I did not lose control of the car. LoL.

The 6th book is probably my 2nd favourite Potter book, right after The Prisoner of Azkaban. It was quite a relief that it didn’t turn out like the 5th book. If you’ll remember I hated the 5th book so much that I didn’t want to read the 6th book till much later. Come to think of it, it’s only now that I’ve caught up with the Potter series. I’ve always been a book behind just cause of the breaks I take between the books. Now that Potter is down, I’m shifting my efforts to finishing the Narnia series.

I started Prince Caspian a while ago and it’s turning out to be quite interesting. It sort of reminds me of Return to Oz, where Dorothy comes back to Oz and the once beautiful Emerald City is now in ruins. I can’t wait to see how that turns out.

Aside from ordering the sheet music for Pride & Prejudice from Amazon, I also got The Wright 3 and The Book Thief. The Wright 3, as I heard from the Today show, is like The Da Vinci Code for kids, but this time it’s with Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House. Now I first saw The Book Thief while I was perusing the aisle of books at Costco. I remember getting turned off when I saw WWII in the summary, but thought I’d give it another shot when a bunch of people were saying it was a really good story on Amazon. If you haven’t guessed, I tend to shop a lot in Amazon.

Oh one last thing, anyone finished that Da Vinci quest on Google? I just finished an hour or so ago, but I was reading the rules and it said that only the first 10,000 submissions can proceed to the next phase. Considering I submitted mine not too long ago, I figure that I’m not one of those 10,000 participants. sigh. c’est la vie. you snooze you lose. merde.

Jan 23

I just finished reading World of Normal Boys last night and I felt really depressed afterwards. The story is sad, but what really got me depressed was realising that it was all fiction. I felt so attached to the protagonist, Robin, that I get sad thinking that he’s not real. His existance is only defined within the book and there is no chance that I’ll ever get to know him =( Sigh.

I’m sort of hessitant to start reading the next book, Leave Myself Behind, just because I have a feeling it’s gonna be another emotional roller coaster. I need something lighter damnit! But then again, I think Leave Myself Behind is gonna be a good read so I’ll start it anyway.

So that is me right now, my nights basically involve playing Warcraft and reading before going to bed. I sort of get worried that I might turn into one of those old lonely people who reads romance novels all the time. It’s as if the novel becomes a substitue to their love life. And as most of you know, my love life is… well non-existent… so I do worry. LoL.

Jan 08

So I saw Match Point yesterday. It’s a pretty damn good movie (and you thought that I was going to say that it was just alright). The story is great and it’s about this poor guy transcending into the world of the rich then risks losing all of it. The movie was made even more enjoyable with Jonathan Rhys-Meyers and Matthew Goode in it. lol. On a side note, I actually think Matthew is a lot hotter than Jonathan! What do you think?

Here’s 2 pics of Matt:

Matthew Goode - Match Point

and here’s one of Jonathan

Jonathan Rhys Meyers - Match Point After Party

Anyway, aside from watching movies, I’ve also been reading a couple of books. The book I just finished reading is The Order of the Poison Oak, which is the sequel to Brent Hartinger‘s The Geography Club. Both are really good books, though I probably thought they were great cause they were such easy reads. But really I love the way the Brent writes the whole thing. It seems like the main character is really speaking to you and by the end of the book you feel as if you know him personally. Anyway, that sort of lead me to go on a spending spree and I ended up buying a couple of other books…

1) The Brothers Bishop
2) Leave Myself Behind
3) The World of Normal Boys

They all deal with being gay and all seem to have some connection to a high school. I just started reading The Brothers Bishop and there’s some weird shit in there… one of them being incest. But nevertheless it’s an interesting book.. I found myself staying up till 2am this past few days just trying read as much of it as I can. As for the other two books, they still haven’t arrived. UPS is so stupid. GRRR…

In other news, I had this weird dream about Matt a few days ago. I dreamt that he actually got married to some woman, and I found out by reading one of the titles on Google. For some reason it really pissed me off and I remember waking up all of a sudden and having this feeling that it was real. It really did feel so real.. I actually had to double check with Google if it was true or not later in the morning. Aside from being pissed off I also felt sort of sad. I dunno, I haven’t thought about him for a long time and after that dream all these memories are popping up in my head. It’s been bumming me out but hopefully I can push it out of my mind again. Seriuosly, the last thing I need is to be sad over that dude… it’s really time to move on.

Oh yes, now I didn’t write anything over the holiday because I was busy playing World of Warcraft. I really didn’t do much aside from going to the mall and stuff. My family spent Christmas Eve with my mom’s friend, and we had this little karaoke competition where the karaoke machine would score you after each song… I got 3rd place! But trust me, I CANNOT sing…
And because it was the holidays I immediately gained 5 pounds. The fact that we kept getting these gift baskets filled with food and shit didn’t help. Also since my mom is here, I get home cooked meals all the time now so that’s not helping either. Thankfully, Juno and I have badminton planned this Tuesday. Screw the cold weather! I just need to get back in shape.

Dec 08

Ok so Narnia opens this Friday, but Joey told me that he has tickets for 8pm showing tomorrow at Park Place. That’s perfect timing because I really cannot wait to see that movie anymore. Today, I kept playing the damn trailer over and over while I was at work. It just looks so awesome especially now that I’ve been reading the book. However, I haven’t finished the book yet.. I’m almost done though and I think I can finish it by tomorrow night.

Also Brokeback Mountain comes out this Friday. However, I’m sort of confused because a couple of websites ae saying that it opens on the 16th in south coast. Honestly, that’s fine.. watching both Narnia and Brokeback Mountain in a day or two will be too much for me.

Last but not the least, King Kong. I’m not exactly thrilled to see that movie… I dunno, maybe I got sick of it after going to Universal Studios way too many times. lol oh well.. that’s it for now. time to finish The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.


Nov 15

I realised that I haven’t written in a while and it’s all due to WoW. It’s been the only thing on my mind these past couple of days you know. Let’s see, last Saturday I woke up at 8.30am and the first thing I did was turn on the computer and played WoW. The next thing I knew it was 1.30pm, my head was hurting and I needed to get food. A similar thing happened on Sunday but I only played for 4 hrs instead of 5. Mind you this doesn’t count the hours I spent playing later that evening. But honestly, WoW is amazing. The world is just so expansive and it becomes a joy just exploring the place. Let’s see, on Sunday I took a 30 minute journey just to get to where Juno was in the game. It wasn’t bad at all because along the way, I got to fly a hippogryph, take a boat, and best of all, taking a tram form Ironforge to Stormwind. It was almost like taking an actual subway ride in New York you know.

I really want to say a lot more about the game but doing so makes me want to postpone this entry and play WoW instead.

Anyway, I do have a life aside from WoW. Saturday, Juno and I had to separate ourselves from the computer to go to the Taste of Lexus event down at El Toro. Fortunately, CozyClear went to the same event up in the bay area last week and I liked the photo she used on her blog…

Taste of Lexus

We arrived around 3pm and we had 2 hours to test drive the cars they have. They had the IS 250, 350, BMW 330, GS, BMW 530i, and a Merc E-class. There were a ton of people so we didnt’ get to drive a lot of cars and only ended up trying the GS 430, IS 350, and the BMW 330i. Honestly, I really prefer the 330i to the 350 just because it felt really good driving it. Sure the Lexus is a lot faster than the BMW but that’s pretty much it… the Lexus didn’t feel that great of a car to drive compared to the bimmer.

On Sunday, Al Lowe and I watched Pride and Prejudice. It really is a chick flick but I really wanted to see it because… get this… Spooks’ Tom Quinn (a.k.a. Matthew McFadyen) is Mr. Darcey. eeep!

Tom Quinn
Mr. Darcey

I also loved the soundtrack and you can get a pretty good idea of what the it sounds like from their website. Now, I’m trying to look for the sheet music but can’t seem to find it so I’m a little pissed off.

Speaking of movies, Harry Potter opens this Friday!! I can’t believe it’s finally here! Now, I just need to find people to watch it with. Oh yeah, can you believe that the 3rd Potter movie only came out last year? i can’t, it seems so loooong ago. but I checked my xanga blog, and there it is June 5, 2005… the day I watched the movie. Here are the tickets to prove it…

Tickets to 3rd Potter movie

Also other movies to look forward to… Brokeback Mountain and The Chronicles of Narnia, both come out on the 9th of December! I dunno if I can watch both movies on the same day since I may be too emotianlly drained from watching either movie.

In other news, I’m currently listening the audio book for The Lincoln Lawyer. This really is the book to read if you’re looking for something to start this winter. BTW, the Lincoln refers to the car and not the president. Sort of reminds me of The Da Vinci Code because it takes place in real places. But unlike The Da Vinci Code, this one just revolves around a lawyer dealing with a rape case. Scary, exciting, and funny is what I can say about the book.

Oh yeah, my mom is also arriving soon! I also wrote about this a year ago. I remember Lilly Dee liked how I used the Die Mommie Die! poster.

So yeah, tonight I survived a day without WoW. Maybe I can get passed this addiction afterall.