Oct 11

I thought i wasn’t going to post today but it’s 12.40am and I’m still awake chatting with our Indian group. I really haven’t felt like posting these past couple of days. Either I’ve gotten lazy or just felt like I had other stuff to do.

Anyway, this weekend has really been a bummer. Juno and I bombed at badminton last Saturday. Really pissed me off.. it’s stupid that I really felt like quitting afterwards but now I just want to practise some more. We really need to find a badminton court to practise in, instead of some stupid tennis court. It’s like when I step on the badminton court something just switches off in my brain, I get nervous, I choke, etc.. and then just play horribly.

Sunday, Juno called asked if I wanted to watch Serenity but since I wanted to watch that and Wallace and Gromit and they didn’t, I just passed. I ended up spending the whole day playing Paper Mario.

BTW, on Saturday I was by Edwards University Cinemas and found out this gay flick was playing over there, called Dorian Blues. Al Lowe is probably rolling his eyes by now, but it looks interesting. Now your usual gay movie crap that I’ve seen recently. It’s a coming out story but from the trailer it doesn’t look like your conventional coming out story, you know? But as with most movies that show up on Edwards University, by the time I actually have time to watch the it, the movie has long gone away. Anyway, here’s the poster if anyone is interested.

Dorian Blues poster

What’s funny is that I was just walking poast the theatre when I saw the poster and read “school’s out and so is dorian” and it hit me.. “omg this is a gay movie. it’s a gay movie which I totally didn’t know about!” Actually the title first caught my eye because I like the name Dorian. I totally would name my kid Dorian (if I ever had one).

Well that’s all for now… well 1 last thing.. brokeback mountain is out in two months! woohoo! And another thing.. I wanna thank neozerneozero for telling me about Mac on the web (http://www.yanathin.com/ifizzle.html).


Sep 11

Thank god it’s Saturday (TGIS?)!! I finally get to sleep late without having to worry about getting up early for work. I dunno, there’s something cool with staying up late… sort of rebellious, no? I used to be such a good boy by going to bed at 10.30. What has happened to me? WHAT??!

LoL. Ok I’m a dork.

Anyway, today started out pretty boring. I was at the computer from 11am-4pm doing a bunch of crap… basically it involved a lot of Bookworm.

Anyway, aroudn 5pm, I finally switched my computer off so that I could get ready for badminton. I got a call from Al Lowe earlier in the and he said he wanted to check out the badminton club at IVC! Let me tell you… I didn’t like the club! Just a lot of old people and kids running around… it really isn’t the crowd I was expecting. Don’t get me wrong, those old people can play really well, I’m sure they can kick my butt any day.. but they just weren’t exactly the sort of people I wanted to play with. So Juno, about that trip next week to IBC.. I don’t think that will happen. sowee.

Now instead of wasting the trip to IVC, we decided to hit the tennis courts to play some tennis. That didn’t last very long because I couldn’t even hit the ball back to Al Lowe and my serve was equally bad. It also didn’t help that the string on Al Lowe’s racquet was broken. We decided to do the next best thing you could do in a tennis court… Badminton! That also didn’t last very long since it was getting dark. I couldn’t find a light switch in the court so I could only assume that those IVC bastards forgot to turn the lights on.

We also thought about watching Wedding Crashers after that but I didn’t feel like it today. Maybe we’ll go tomorrow or next week. Speaking of movies, I just saw the trailer for Everything is Illuminated. It looks pretty interesting… Elijah Wood is in it.. and he looks exactly like his character from Sin City. I guess it’s due to the glasses… Anyway that’d be funny if Elijah starts killing everyone and eating their body parts in Everything is Illuminated. Don’t get me wrong, killing people isn’t funny, but it’d funny if Elijah’s Sin City character pops up in Everything is Illuminated.. bah you know what I mean!

Everything is Illuminated Poster

Well I’m really tired now. I could barely keep my eyes open throughout the day. Sleeping from 3-10 isn’t such a good idea. Maybe I wasn’t being rebellious… maybe I was just plain stupid. I need to start sleeping early again.

BTW, Just James left a comment on my blog today! It turns out he has a new blog so be sure to check it out!!! It’s called “MUSINGS FROM HONG KONG, A JUST JAMES PRODUCTION” I just love it. Now you know what they say about Hong Kong… (SARS Island? no no stupid). Everyone who goes to Hong Kong has the same intention. To recapture their lost memories, because in Hong Kong, nothing every changes. Nobody can be sure that this is true because nobody who goes there… has ever come back. (Just substitue “Hong Kong” with “2046” and it should make sense.. or maybe not).
That reminds me, I gotta call Lilly Dee. I haven’t spoken to her in a while… one can only imagine what that crazy Jersey girl has been up to lately.


Sep 07

So I’m still been playing around with FlyakiteOSX. I decided to get rid of Y’z Shadow, which just adds shadow to the windows and can make menus transparent. I hardly noticed the shadow and got annoyed with the transparency so I can live without Y’z Shadow.

Anyway, not much else going on here. I found out that there’s a badminton club going on at Irvine Valley College. They play every Saturday at 6-9pm if anyone is interested. The downside is that they charge $10 (non-member) and $5 (member). I can live with that! It’s definitely much cheaper than paying $40+/hour to play at the Orange County Badminton Club.

Now I played badminton with Juno again today and did very poorly. I’m so fucking slow! My footwork is terrible and I’m still having major problems with my backhand and my clear shots. Gosh I didn’t think I was this bad back in high school. The only good thing is that my arm doesn’t get that tired anymore. The only way I can play up to par is if I play more often, so…

Does anyone want to play with me this weekend at IVC?? Juno’s gonna be up in LA during the weekend so I have no one else to go with. It’s only $10!! 6-9.30! anyone? anyone? now you can’t say I didn’t try asking. oh well let me know 😀

señor fry

Aug 23

Look what I have between my legs!

I got it last Saturday. No not the racquet but the towerl grip wrapped around it. It’s actually a momentous occassion since it’s the first time I’m using a towel grip. It’s not that I didn’t want to use one or that it was expensive… it’s just that I couldn’t find one in white. LoL! Now I gotta test it out… maybe I can get Juno to play mañana.

Where are we gonna play? At a tennis court.. where else?!

Aug 22

Tony Gunawan + Howard Bach (USA) vs Candra Wijaya + Sigit Budiarto (IND)

2005 IBF World Championship Clip

Probably the better rallies of the day… definitely worth watching. USA in red, Indonesia in white. 11MB MPEG (sorry it’s so large)