Feb 11

New theme again! Sort of reminds me of the iPhone. I didn’t obviously didn’t write it since I don’t have the creativity; instead, I got it from jide. One thing I want to do though is change the banner, you know.. make it more personal.

I also added a new blogroll link, apartment therapy. hmmm i wonder what inspired me to add that link 😉

Jan 01

Docks, originally uploaded by martymcfry.

Happy New Years! Hope everything had a good 2006 and hope you guys have an even better 2007.

Yesterday was a blast! I spent all afternoon at Balboa Island with Joyce and Co. It’s an awesome place as always, with the water right there and with all the cute little homes. Good thing I had my camera with me that day to take some photos.

Dec 01

Ok I changed the theme again.  I really liked the style sheets used in the previous theme but wanted the site to look more like a blog.  Fortunately, I stumbled on this theme, called Gray of all things, and I think it’s a great compromise.  It looks like a blog plus it has that black/gray feel to it.  coolies

Nov 20

Is it just me or is the Notes on a Scandal poster a rip-off of the Hable con ella poster? And Is it rip off, rip-off, or ripoff?

Hable con ella poster

Notes on a Scandal poster

Tisk tisk tisk you poster designer you!

Jan 20

I got a call from Al Lowe this evening, right as I was about to have dinner, and he told me about this new place called Hamburger Mary’s. Apparently it’s going to be THE PLACE to go to once the Boom Room in Laguna goes down. I’m really excited about this now… considering it’s only 2.5 miles away from home (and right by your work Cj!)! OMG.. no longer will I need to go to WeHo, or Laguna for a gay night out (hehe). This is gonna be sweet! Thank you Al for telling me about this!

Hamburger Mary’s
4221 Dolphin-Stryker Way,
Newport Beach, CA 92660
(949) 756-8800