Aug 09

Lauren came over today and we saw American Teen. We were supposed to catch the 4.30 showing but because she woke up late (ahem ahem), we ended up seeing the 7pm showing. When we got to the theatre, we find out that 3 of the American Teen cast (Mitch, Colin, and Jake) were doing a QA. They were standing by the entrance talking with a couple movie goers about the movie.

American Teen Cast
From left to right: some random chic, Colin, Mitch, and Jake

The thing is, Lauren and I didn’t know too much about the movie aside from what we’ve seen in the trailers so we didn’t really have any questions for them. I wanted to talk to them.. but yeah, I didn’t know what to ask!

Even worse is that the QA session was for the 4.30 showing! So they pretty much left after the movie started. Sigh.

I gotta admit, it’s a good movie… even though it’s a high school movie. You could think of it as a real version of Dawson’s Creek (sans the gay dude). Definitely something I can relate to, and I think I would have loved it even better if I saw the movie while I was still in high school.

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