Jul 17

I was watching The Suze Orman show last night and someone was asking whether or not she can afford a trip to London. Suze just kept talking about how silly it is to go there especially with the current exchange rates. Then I started thinking… Suze is right. I already estimated the costs a few weeks ago but it didn’t hit me till Suze spoke yesterday that I’m going to be spending a lot. What’s even worse is that if I wait just a little longer I could be spending a lot less.

But fuck it… if I don’t go now I never will! I owe it to my mom to take just take her out since.. umm.. she’s normally stuck at home most of the time… cleaning… and cooking. HAHA. oh i’m so bad.

On another note, earlier I spoke to Joyce and lucky her, she got her green card. So grats to her on that one! YAY! And because of her green card, she mentioned something that made my eyes go wide open: EspaƱa. O_O OMG she said that Juno and her might go for New Years and I was like.. I want to go but I’m gonna be really really broke if I do (especially with my other trip following a few months later). Besides I need to save up my vacation time!

So yeah, that’s my life right now.. europe and becoming a flight attendant. God, I actually cringe everytime I think about being a flight attendant. It’s just so.. GAY.. like wtf to the max. -.-

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