Jun 28

So last night, my mother and I were talking about taking a trip to Europe. I know it’s cliché but we’ve decided that we have to go to France. Because of work I’m only gonna give myself like 12 days max to roam. The question is if we should do all France, a London-Paris hybrid, a London-Paris-Nice hybrid, or even a London-Paris-Amsterdam trip.

Sure I could do either of the last two but mind you, the price jumps up almost $1.5k compared to the London-Paris hybrid! Ugh but I’m going nuts, because even if I decide to do the three city tour I don’t know if I should do Nice or Amsterdam. Actually just thinking about it now, Amsterdam seems like the better choice.. seems like it’s for a much younger crowd and I’m in a totally different country!

Also I decided to take a tour instead of winging it on my own. If I was with my friends I wouldn’t mind winging it, but I’m with my mom and I think she’d prefer to be escorted around. What’s also great is that the tour (from Monogram Travel) actually gives you days to roam around on your own. So in a way it’s structured but with a certain degree of freedom.

What I’m also excited about this London-Paris thing is that we get to ride the Eurostar. I’ve always liked trains as a kid so taking the Eurostar is important. And if I decide to go to Amsterdam, then I get to ride on the Thalys. Going to Nice would mean I’d take the TGV.

Now is it just me or am I really pushing this 3 city thing? lol Argh! It sounds super awesome but I’m not sure I wanna spend so much money for it. =\

Anyway, we’re still thinking of going on March or April so it’s still far away. As you know from my post about New York, I have a habit of planning things way way way in advance. It’s so far in advance that the tours I’ve been looking at don’t have prices for next year yet.. and I’ve been basing my estimates on this year’s prices.

In the meantime, I’ve been watching way too much YouTube videos of airplanes, airports, and now trains just to satiate myself. Now who can forget Top Gear’s Aston Martin vs Train race! For the train, they actually took the Eurostar and the TGV! OMG, this could be my trip right here (sans Aston Martin)!

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