Jun 27

From the YouTube video description:

Air traffic control tapes of Swissair Flight 111 have finally been released after a legal battle that went all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada.

The ATC tapes, released by the Canadian Press, have not been made public since the 1998 crash that killed 229 people.

The tapes contain hours of recording including the final dramatic 12 minutes of the flight before the aircraft plunged at high speed into St. Margaret’s Bay, N.S., near Halifax.

“Swissair one eleven is declaring pan pan pan we have smoke in the cockpit,” one pilot said.

“Pan pan pan” means there is an emergency on board the aircraft, but that there is no immediate danger.

Later, another said, “We are declaring emergency now” (this can be heard on part four of the audio link to the right).

They were told they could commence the fuel dump, discussed altitude and the approach to Halifax airport with air traffic controllers. They were asked to advise when it was complete.

There was one last garbled “hello,” then presumably electrical failure cut off communications. About six minutes after the last transmission, everyone was dead.

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