Mar 25


oh man, last friday nathan and i started having the longest conversation about special relativity. we kept going in circles trying to figure out if distances from the reference of the astronaut shrink… if the velocities change, etc. in the end we decided that it’d help if we had someone who was really good in physics with us.

now i have to confess something. back in university, I did take a class on relativity but dropped the class in favour of a bio class. i dropped the physics class because i didn’t like the professor and thought I wouldn’t get an A in the class. my plan worked. i got an A, well an A- in bio but now I regret dropping the physics class. besides i’m interested in particle physics… what the hell would i need special relativity for?

so last friday i ordered my first book on particle physics. it arrived yesterday, brand spanking new, just the way i liked my books. i opened the book to the intro and right there in front of my eyes it says, “elementary particle physics naturally falls under the dominion of quantum field theory.” and as i found out a few paragraphs later, quantum field theory just happens to be a union of relativity and quantum mechanics. shiet.

as you can see i’m no expert in physics. far from it and i have my work cut out for me. i think i’ll just see how far i get reading the book i got and if i don’t get very far, i’ll take it as a sign to just start from scratch. i’ll brush up on Newtonian physics, electromagnetism and QM for the heck of it, then SR and back to particle physics.

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