Dec 27

Don’t you hate it when you’re having an amazing time with the love of your life only to find out that it’s a dream and that the love of your life is… well… just a dream? I swear it’s happened to me a couple times already. It’s like I’d wake up all of a sudden, realise it’s all a dream, then get depressed. Really annoying.

What also breaks my heart is that one scene fro La Môme (aka La Vie en Rose). It’s been on my mind these past couple of days and as you saw, Édith finds out that the love of her life, Marcel, has died in a plane crash on his way to see her. The way the scene plays out like a dream at first, you know, being all romantic and light. Then reality starts creeping when we see her friends, who all have this grim and almost ghost like appearances. OMG we know something is wrong and she starts realising it too and finally someone tells her about the plane crash… omg heaven have mercy.

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