Dec 10

::squeals like a girl:: I love Mylène! Puisque sans contrefaçon je suis un garçon. Ok yes the song is old but last Friday, out of nowhere, I started humming that song and I knew I had to YouTube her. You’re lucky I didn’t embed Kate Ryan’s Voyage Voyage song, which was also stuck on my mind that day.. hehe. “voyage voyage! plus loin que la nuit et le jour.. voyage!!” Bah, who am I kidding?!

I remember Dar telling me he couldn’t even get through half that video. Funny, that’s what I said about 2 girls 1 cup. Speaking of which, Lillian saw 2 girls 1 cup and didn’t even flinch! I even have the video to prove it, I’d upload it… but umm.. it’d be hella boring. No reaction whatsoever. Same thing goes for BME Pain Olympics. balls of steel!

Oh yeah, so last Sunday Lillian and I went to Joyce’s place to check out Rock Band. I started with drums and moved on to bass. One thing I noticed though after playing a song was that my eyes started burning. Am I so into the game that I forget to blink?! Sans contrefaçon.

(not me btw)

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