Oct 19

Piano Trio in Eb major op.100

My favourite Schubert piece. I’ve been listening to this repeatedly, probably due to the fact that I’m in such a good mood. I just came out to Josh and Mike this week and I was surprised they both took it great… actually I was sort of disappointed with Mike’s reaction (but more on that later).

You’d think that coming out at 25 isn’t such a big deal anymore but for some reason, I had a little trouble saying the G word, “Gooda.” No sorry, I meant gay. It’s like everytime I say it, I sort of cringe… it’s as if gay is the equivalent of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.. (you know.. Lord Voldemort) ::cringes::

Hmmm… “Lord Voldemort.”


Bah, I can’t say his name. Where’s Harry Potter when you need him.

It’s been a while since I came out to somebody and I was getting rusty. I told Josh a couple days ago while we were playing WoW. He was bugging me all day about him finding a gf for me (don’t ask) and I just had to tell him that gf’s aren’t really my thing. Ok I didn’t exactly tell him. It went more along the lines of..

“hey josh, so about that gf thing. just don’t do it”

“why not?”



For some reason after that I just knew he was cool with it. In a way I was also shocked that he was cool with it because I knew he’s a creationist and when the word creationist pops up I immediately think “religious fanatic.” I honestly expected bible verses to come out of his mouth. I’m so stupid. Someone slap me and not in that S&M sort of way.

I came out to Mike today while we were headed back to the office after picking up one of the servers from the colo. I sort of owed it to him since I’ve been working with him for more than a year now. What can I say? I was disappointed with his reaction.

“hey Mike, I.. uhhh.. happen to like guys”

“yeah I know.”


It was like me proving the Riemann hypothesis only to find out that everyone else figured it out already. I was dumbfounded. I planned to give this big speech after telling him I liked guys and instead I just gave him a big “WHHAA?!” It turns out he read my blog a year ago and figured it out from there. The bitch knew and he stole my thunder!! -.-

I’m lucky to be surrounded by such great people. Such a relief too since these are people I work with everyday. I can sort of relax a little bit now.. I don’t have to watch my pronouns.. and just be more open. ::exhales::

Who needs a bf when you have such great friends. (I’ll probably regret saying that… lol)

Oh yeah before I forget… Josh is having a show on Nov. 15 at Cuppy’s so make sure you check it out!

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