Jul 27

Ferris Wheel at the OC Fair

Went to the OC Fair today with Joyce and Juno. I haven’t been to something like that in about 10 years! It turned out to be so much fun, drooling at all the food, going in those fun houses, and checking out all those small shops. I think one of the best parts was seeing and petting the animals. Tons of sheep! Though I didn’t care for the racist sheep:

KKK Sheep KKK Sheep 2

There was also this huge horse that was taller than 6 feet! I got quite a shock when I saw that horse the moment I stepped inside the tent. Well worth the $1 :) I wonder if they used those horses in Lord of the Rings… it’d definitely make almost anyone look like a hobbit.

Huge Belgian Horse

Now what’s a fair without the food? It was stand after stand of burgers, popcorn, funnel cake, curly fries, smoked turkey legs. It’s amazing I managed to stay away from all those… except… the fried oreos. 1 order consisted of 4 fried oreo cookies and unfortunately, Juno and Joyce shared 1 cookie, while I had to eat the remaining 3! My heart is clogged with fat and I could feel the fat seeping out of my pores after eating those cookies! sigh. I’ll blame Mike for this, since he’s the one that told me that they sold fried oreo cookies at the fair! Damn you Mike!! GRRRR!

There are a couple more photos of the fair on my flickr page so be sure to check them out!

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