Jun 30

It’s 3 am and I can’t sleep. Damn you jet lag. I have some Nyquil to help but it just tastes horrendous, I don’t think I can have another sip. I guess I could do something productive like sorting through all the pictures I took these past 2 weeks. But a lot of them look like crap (blurry and stuff) so I don’t have the motivation to go through the pics.

So what did I do in the Philippines? Eat. First full day there, I met up with Joyce went to Greenhills and ate at Jollibee. Stupid me asked them if they accepted credit cards. Apparently it’s so hard to get by with just a credit card… cash is what you need and I don’t like carrying cash. But hey, I managed to get my Spaghetti and Champ burger. Also Diet Coke is called Coke light there! I probably forgot about that or something.


At night we went to Rockwell just to check out the new mall. Ended up eating at Shakey’s for some yummy pizza. Something shocked me when I went there… there’s Manila sells Audis! (Then again, there’s a Ferrari dealer in Manila as well).

Imported Cars. HELLA EXPENSIVE! The Audi TT which you can get for $40K costs almost a whopping $100K over there due to the 100% import tax! OUCH. I don’t know about you but I’d never buy a car like that in Manila even if I did have the money. #1 the price sucks. #2 traffic sucks in Manila, you’d never get past 100 kph unless you go to the province or something.

OK back to food. Monday, my mom and I met up with some of her friends and had a buffet at the Westin. Good food. I got lots of lamb, sushi, and ebi tempura (!!!). Mind you the japanese buffets here do serve ebi tempura but they go by quickly, but this buffet was stocked! woohoo! I had some halo halo in the end with lots of ube (purple yam). YUMMY! My mom’s friends are cool. One of them who I’d say has an average build for someone her age brags about how she intends to make like 10 rounds in the buffet. Just thought that was funny. Now somehow I forgot this but you only give a $2 tip at the most… anything more is considered too generous. Let’s just say I got castigated by a lot of people for giving more.

Next day, I met up with Joyce again and we ate at Komoro Soba. Finally got some delicious Katsudon… forget the fact that the portions are small. But hey, it only costs like a $1.50 so it’s a great deal! Now several years ago while I was eating there, I overheard some guy sarcastically said “now this is healthy japanese food”


Wednesday, another buffet this time at the Edsa Shangri-La. More yummy food and more halo halo.

IMG_0736 Edsa Shangri-La Desserts

Now looking back at the list of places to eat I made a few weeks ago, I actually did pretty good hitting most of the restaurants. The only places I didn’t eat at were Saisaki (cause 2 buffets were enough) and Area Cafe (cause it’s no longer there).

I managed to eat Greenwich on my last day along with some Dunkin’ Donuts dounuts. Dunkin’ Donuts wasn’t on my list but once I saw it in Manila I knew I had to eat there.

Dunkin Donuts

Another thing that wasn’t on my list was champurrado (not the mexican version), which I didn’t get to eat. I only had the urge to eat it 2 days before I left. On my last day there, my mom and I were supposed to get some at a restaurant for breakfast but she got sick and didn’t feel like going out. sigh so I’d probably have to go a couple more years without champurrado.

Anyway with all that eating, I was surprised to see that I didn’t gain any weight! But I made a vow to eat a lot healthier the day I came back to the states. Let’s not forget the excercise… I gotta walk it out!

Awesome video! The timing with the dance and music is incredible!

BTW you can see more pics of my trip at my flickr page.

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