Jun 12

Rocky pt. WII from martymcfry on Vimeo

I think this was the last scene from Rocky. LoL

BTW, I’m normally not this bad. I was “boxing” with one hand, ok! Camera on my left hand, nanchuk on the right! Besides, I lost for the sake of this movie.

Sorry if I squeal like a girl. :)

Music: Eye of The Tiger by Survivor (how original of me! /sarcasm)

2 Responses to “Rocky pt.WII”

  1. indi Says:

    words fail me…

    (though, nice job on the editing XD)

  2. martymcfry Says:

    i actually took the video just to show mother the wii. i didn’t plan on editing it at all.. but next thing I knew, the video was loaded up on premiere and what you see is the end result.

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