Jun 10

Joyce and Lillian

Lillian and Joyce stopped by my place today. We headed out to Fashion Island cause Joyce had to do some shopping and I had to get a bag for my camera. We had lunch at Francolli’s which turned out to be a great idea. I found out that they have amazing panini and I’ll definitely have to go back for more. While eating there, I couldn’t resist but noticing Lillian’s sunglasses and just had to give it a try…

Fry with Lillian's Sunglasses


BTW, Lillian kept pointing out my beer belly. UGH goodness, I have to work out and stop eating so much crap. You know I haven’t used my freaking stove since my mum left! Terrible! Chris you need to do cook for me.. lol.

BTW, did you know Neiman’s sells UFOs??

UFO at Neiman Marcus

Anyway, Juno also came to meet up with us at Fashion when he was done with work. After shopping we decided to head back to the Spectrum to watch Ocean’s Thirteen. But first, we needed to get out of the Fashion Island parking lot. (sorry i was testing out the movie mode in my camera)

Anyone else think that the elevator in the Irvine Spectrum likes to flirt?

Ocean’s Thirteen was pretty good. It’s my second time seeing it and I liked it a lot better the second time around. I guess I had a hard time following what the hell they were talking about the first time. BTW, I also watched Knocked Up yesterday. Paul Rudd… OMG… so hot in that movie. I like melted everytime he had a scene. He definitely looked a lot better in Knocked Up than in 40 Year Old Virgin. So yeah, put me, him and Michael Vartan in a room together and I’ll be in heaven.

5 Responses to “Last Day Out”

  1. martymcfry Says:

    YouTube is being stupid. I uploaded the videos like 2.5 hrs ago and YouTube still says they’re being processed. GRRRR

  2. martymcfry Says:

    damn you youtube! took forever to process the videos i uploaded only to find out they failed. cause of that I’m switching to vimeo, quality there is a lot better anyway!

  3. indi Says:

    you know… I didn’t realize my hair was that long…

    I love the videos though… you don’t see my face much ^_^

  4. martymcfry Says:

    lol you’re lucky. first video it was dark. 2nd video i have no idea what i was pointing at.

    also on the first video i wanted to capture how hard it was to get in your car (through lillian). i didn’t whip out the camera fast enough. =\

  5. martymcfry Says:

    btw, i really like how lillian is used in the thumbnail image of the last video.

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