Jun 02

Christmas Time is Here from A Charlie Brown Christmas.

I have the version for 2 pianos and since I’m the only one who plays the piano in my family, I had to improvise and do some Adobe Premiere magic. :)

YES, I know it’s June!!

3 Responses to “Christmas Time is NOT Here”

  1. indi Says:

    lol, I saw you scratch your nose XD You sighed a couple times too ^_^

    that’s awesome, you did great with the timing

  2. indi Says:

    i’m not sure, but something seemed off at 00:24

  3. Philip Says:

    i sighed?? i didn’t notice!!!

    i had a metronome to help me get the timing right… but still timing wasn’t perfect throughout.. lol.

    so 00:24? is that counting from 1:50 to 0:00? if so then i sort of agree… i noticed a problem around 0:26.. timing was a little off there.. i guess i got a little zealous. hehe..

    anyway i’m still working on Cosmo Canyon from FFVII.. stay tuned!

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