May 30

I leave for Manila in 15 days and I’m so excited already. Today I even bought a camera (one of those Canon G7s) just to capture everything; like the slums, the garbage, the squaters, etc. haha j/k. I’m sure there’ll be some nice parts where I’ll be at. I just spoke to my mum today and she gave me a list of things to bring back home like her lotions, sunblock, milk, and chocolate… as if you can’t get those in Manila. lol. ::rolls eyes:: My mom also said she’s moving to a new apartment tomorrow so the place I once called home will be no more. sigh. On the other hand, the new apartment is right next to the mall so I won’t be too bored.

So get this… my mum is moving to this area called Greenhills, but it’s not even green or hilly. Joyce lives in a place called White Planes, and guess what… it’s not white and it’s hilly! Whoever named these places needs to be shot.

Apparently, June is the rainy season in Manila and that’s not a good thing. Basically it can rain for a couple days in a row and you get floods (not like those stupid Californian floods but real floods) which can leave you stranded on the road till like 2am.

I guess this is my cue to list things that I’m looking forward to and things I’m not.

Looking forward to:
1) Food! I gotta stop by Komoro Soba and get some yummy katsudon. Then I pig out in Jollibee with a Champ burger (eeww). Pig out even more at Saisaki (japanese buffet). Get some great fried rice at Mann Han. Pizza at Greenwich. Pesto at Area Cafe (hopefully they’re still open!)
2) Checking out the old high school – According to Mike, all my favourite teachers are still teaching! Hey maybe I can even become a teacher at my high school. I so wanna become a maths teacher and teach calculus properly! “Dear Brent school, though far asunder we will carry thee” ::rolls eyes::
3) Seeing the rest of the family again. I miss my aunts, uncles, and cousins. Most of my cousins have babies now and that’s mostly due to the fact that they don’t use condoms (fucking morons), and I have 1 gay cousin who I’m interested in talking to.
4) Badminton – it’s more popular now! there are badminton courts everywhere! heck even my high school has a badminton team now! It’s time I got to play in a real court again instead of some stupid tennis court.
5) The malls – I was a mall rat back in high school. my teacher said he always see’s me over there. So let’s see, there are the staples… MegaMall, Robinson’s Galleria, and Shangri-La. Glorietta if I feel like going some place far. And the new malls, Powerplant, Mall of Asia (7th largest in the world)
6) Gay bars – I’m interested to check these out. but i seriously have no idea where they are in manila, nor do i know what the popular ones are.
7) Shopping – lost of cheap stuff.
8) my old computer – it’s like a time capsule! i was hot shit back then.. i got the 486dx2 66Mhz, 8MB RAM!, 456MB HD, 14″ crt monitor, 33.6 external modem, 2x CD-rom, windows 3.11 with tabworks.. haha.. awesome eh!? oh god I still remember I waited like an hour to download a 3MB video.

Things I’m not looking forward to:
1) The dirt! I know it’s bad but I imagine seeing trash everywhere I go. smog sucks too. ewww
2) Traffic! No way in hell am I driving over there! You need like balls of steel to drive over there. I like my balls nice and squishy. And lanes? What’s that?! You have like 4 lanes in a 2 lane road.
3) The poverty! enough said
4) My mom’s apartment – it’s a studio apt that’s s only 30 sq m. big (around 300sq ft)! OMG IT’S SO SMALL!! And because it’s so small, she’s getting rid of the maids.
5) No car! again, I have to rely on a taxi.
6) The crimes. I’m really paranoid about this one. gawd, apparently Andrew’s sister got mugged back there. People get mugged too cause of their cellphones (note to self, pull out your old cell phone!), kidnapping (yawn)
7) The weather – it’s raining =(
8) Gay bars – i’m sorry, but I just imagine a ton of creepy people in there. sigh. just think fucking masahista or midnight dancer (ang corny!!)
9) Shopping – Lots of fake stuff :(
10) Jet lag! manila is ahead by 15 hours.
11) Exit permit – I need to get a permit to leave the country cause I work overseas. If I don’t have the permit, I can’t leave the airport. WTF!? I just don’t want to deal with the whole bureaucracy thing back home.. sigh.

anyway that’s it for now!

4 Responses to “15 Days”

  1. indi Says:

    if you can take pictures of the squatters for me though, that would be great. I’ve been wanting really goo reference pics. I took some, but they’re not enough ^^”

    comments on ‘looking foward’
    3) lol! I gave my cousins numerous sermons about using condoms when I was 14! They keep ‘accidentally’ making babies. My lola calls the clan ‘pabrika ng mga anak’
    6) Let me know if you’re serious. Kathy and I can come… and you better tell me soon so I know what to pack

  2. indi Says:

    oh yeah, comments on ‘not looking forward’
    11) reminds me of ocean’s 13… “what’s our exit strategy?” God, getting the escort and all that… it’s almost like the movie XD

  3. martymcfry Says:

    squatters? oh boy.. we should take a field trip to the pasig river again. you, me, kathy, and her driver. hahaha!

    my goodness111! it’s the churches fault with the whole condom thing. argh! and the gay bars in manila? hmm.. no idea. find a good one for me. lol

    exit strategy eh… are we gonna start an earthquake when we leave NAIA? be nice if we leave with half a billion dollars too.

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