May 29

OK this whole BBC thing has got me thinking about shows I used to watch a long time ago…

Brittas Empire “Welcome to Whitbury Newtown Leisure Centre. How may I help you?” C’mon this one has a gay couple in it (Tim and Gavin)! It was like my only outlet to the gay community back then and was enough to keep me glued to the show! I had a crush on Tim for some reason. In the episode below, Gavin’s fiancée shows up. eeep!Crystal Maze anyone? The scale of the game show is just so massive! So many puzzles, so many rooms. I remember there was even a french version of this.. it was set in a castle or something (anyone remember it?) I also remember having dreams of living so awesome!

Pelsia ok this one isn’t even in english, but this was like the sailormoon of the 80s and I loved watching this even if I didn’t understand it! haha. btw, the intro is awesome!

Fort Boyard.. it’s what the crystal maze was bsed on. wow it’s all coming back to me know.. the little people, the old guy..

oh and here’s a spoof of fort boyard, fort boyaux.. lolz

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