Jan 25

I’ve been kidding around all afternoon that I now need a walking stick and some depends. Ugh 25! I think the one reason why I’m a little bitter is the fact that I’m still single. When will be the day I get to go home hug the man of my dreams and hear him say “i love you”.

OK ewww. I nearly puked typing that. I guess I’m not the romantic type. LoL. Or maybe I am, who knows. All I know is that my love is wasted away as each year passes away. ::pukes::

Sorry I tried. Anyway I spent most of today worrying about bugs in the current project we’ve been working on. The damn things just keep on creeping up! Talk about stress! After work, the family and I headed of the Houston’s for some dinner. mmmm ahi tuna. I’m gonna throw a little dinner thing on Saturday. Not quite sure where but Hamburger Mary’s keeps popping up in my mind. I’ve never been there so I’m not sure if it’s a good place to eat or just to party at. Any suggestions?

I’ve been reading The Year of Ice again. I love that book. It’s just so cute reading about how Kevin goes to his bedroom and imagines his pillows as his big crush, Jon. Too cute really! But it’s not all cuteness, there’s a lot of serious to the story.. the death of his mother, his sort of dysfunctional relationship with his dad. I sort of really feel for kevin… somehow he just doesn’t have it that good.

What else has been going on in my life? Oh yes, my bro and I are finally moving to a 2 bedroom apartment! We’ve been in this apartment for 5 years now, and actually live in this street for 7 years. It’s sickening. Oh yeah did I forget to mention that we’re currently in a 1 bedroom? Talk about a lack of privacy. I remember back in the Philippines where I got my own room and keep the door locked and pretty kept the door locked. You gotta wonder what the heck I did in there! 😉 Anyway I’m totally excited about the new place. Not just cause it’s a two bedroom but because it’s in a totally different place. So long Jamboree!

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