Dec 27

Wentz Teppei in Love

7 Responses to “Kawaii!!”

  1. Al Says:

    hmmm… this blog seems to have taken a gay turn of late. thank goodness there are no WoW posts anywhere in sight!

  2. Philip Says:

    Oh yes, I have taken a hiatus from WoW. I’ll probably jump back into it once the expansion comes out.

  3. indi Says:



    it’s so wrong!

  4. Philip Says:

    what?? who am i to deny teppei of having some sausages?

  5. nabbz Says:

    LOL yo, whats WoW?

  6. martymcfry Says:

    @nabbz: it’s World of Warcraft

  7. Dioreena_nabe Says:

    ..u know what?!..Koike Teppei is the one who is GAY!.it’s not Eiji,.it’s not truly Eiji.!.i swear!..look, theres so many pic. of teppei with the other actor..and therefore dont judge EIJI WENTZ!.or else it’s war..faito oh!

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