Dec 26

Hope you guys had a good Christmas. I sure did cause I found the love of my life: Eiji Wentz! HEHEHE ^_____^

There I was, sitting down in Joyce’s library and there he was staring right back at me… from one of Joyce’s Junon magazines (hehe). Ok so he’s not someone I’ve met in real life but hey let me dream a little!

He’s just so cute and adorable! BTW, click the picture above more some very interesting looking pics. Unfortunately, I think he’s straight but boy does that picture shout gay! If you’re wondering, the other dude is his band mate, Teppei, who’s pretty cute too.

Yeah so Wentz isn’t really your average dude. He’s in a band, called Wat, with Teppei. He also appears on TV and one of my favourite TV bits is from a show called Ponkicki. WATCH IT!! Click on the play button goddammit.

Again, what can I say.. just cute and adorable.

10 Responses to “Ei-Chan!! ^ ^”

  1. Al Says:

    the font is so small. should i change my browser settings? this color scheme is so dreary, too… and i miss the grass at the top… those were the golden days of :(

  2. Al Says:

    do you think this dude looks like a lesbian or like a really tomboyish girl?

  3. Philip Says:

    Hey I like the whole black and white feel. but if you want to see an awesome looking blog, check out

    Wentz sorta looks like a lesbian. so does that make me straight?

  4. Al Says:

    a lesbian trapped in a straight man’s body!

    hmm, I just think the text color should be a bit brighter.

  5. Al Says:

    I just think the layout needs some life injected into it (and bigger fonts too)… maybe you could put some kind of logo at the top… maybe you could post one of those cartoon’s that indiochik (sp?) did of you?

  6. indi Says:

    I’m a bit scared… of the video I mean…

    and Wentz looks goth in the first pic

  7. indi Says:

    arrgh… I just realized that he’s a lot like you…

    if you had the means and the budget, you’d so make a show like this one…

  8. Philip Says:

    ンバーグ!! パン パン パン ^ ^

    i’d totally make a show like the one above. just give me a camera!

    as for the look of this blog.. it’s here to stay.. at least for another month or so. 😛

  9. Emi Says:

    Aww he’s sooo hot :) Kind of late but I have a big bad crush on him now :)

  10. cute_90 Says:

    so cute, i like him nd any one have his some more beautiful pics

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