Oct 11

I thought i wasn’t going to post today but it’s 12.40am and I’m still awake chatting with our Indian group. I really haven’t felt like posting these past couple of days. Either I’ve gotten lazy or just felt like I had other stuff to do.

Anyway, this weekend has really been a bummer. Juno and I bombed at badminton last Saturday. Really pissed me off.. it’s stupid that I really felt like quitting afterwards but now I just want to practise some more. We really need to find a badminton court to practise in, instead of some stupid tennis court. It’s like when I step on the badminton court something just switches off in my brain, I get nervous, I choke, etc.. and then just play horribly.

Sunday, Juno called asked if I wanted to watch Serenity but since I wanted to watch that and Wallace and Gromit and they didn’t, I just passed. I ended up spending the whole day playing Paper Mario.

BTW, on Saturday I was by Edwards University Cinemas and found out this gay flick was playing over there, called Dorian Blues. Al Lowe is probably rolling his eyes by now, but it looks interesting. Now your usual gay movie crap that I’ve seen recently. It’s a coming out story but from the trailer it doesn’t look like your conventional coming out story, you know? But as with most movies that show up on Edwards University, by the time I actually have time to watch the it, the movie has long gone away. Anyway, here’s the poster if anyone is interested.

Dorian Blues poster

What’s funny is that I was just walking poast the theatre when I saw the poster and read “school’s out and so is dorian” and it hit me.. “omg this is a gay movie. it’s a gay movie which I totally didn’t know about!” Actually the title first caught my eye because I like the name Dorian. I totally would name my kid Dorian (if I ever had one).

Well that’s all for now… well 1 last thing.. brokeback mountain is out in two months! woohoo! And another thing.. I wanna thank neozerneozero for telling me about Mac on the web (http://www.yanathin.com/ifizzle.html).


3 Responses to “back”

  1. AlLowe Says:

    that movie looks good actually! i just watched the trailer. btw, i know why you probably hadn’t heard of the movie before… it probably doesn’t feature any scenes of a certain kind

  2. Cj B Says:

    I tried using that mac thing on my mac back when it was on Digg.com, and it told me my mac couldn’t support it! Who annoying is that?!


    And how do you find all these gay movies!?


  3. Philip Says:

    al lowe:
    gasp, al lowe thinks it’s good! for once you and i agree =) and that certain kind you are talking about… hmm.. sex and nudity? like that Eating Out scene? lol.. either way i wouldn’t have heard about it. heck i didn’t even hear about Eating Out till it was a torrent.

    cj b:
    haha.. i can’t believe your mac didn’t support it! that’s freaking hilarious. maybe os x black lists it or something.. lol
    maybe it was fate? lol.. if i hadn’t gone to trader joes to buy some chapati (w/c i’ve been thinking about these past few days), i wouldn’t have passed by the theatre and thus wouldn’t have found out about the movie.

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