Sep 07

So I’m still been playing around with FlyakiteOSX. I decided to get rid of Y’z Shadow, which just adds shadow to the windows and can make menus transparent. I hardly noticed the shadow and got annoyed with the transparency so I can live without Y’z Shadow.

Anyway, not much else going on here. I found out that there’s a badminton club going on at Irvine Valley College. They play every Saturday at 6-9pm if anyone is interested. The downside is that they charge $10 (non-member) and $5 (member). I can live with that! It’s definitely much cheaper than paying $40+/hour to play at the Orange County Badminton Club.

Now I played badminton with Juno again today and did very poorly. I’m so fucking slow! My footwork is terrible and I’m still having major problems with my backhand and my clear shots. Gosh I didn’t think I was this bad back in high school. The only good thing is that my arm doesn’t get that tired anymore. The only way I can play up to par is if I play more often, so…

Does anyone want to play with me this weekend at IVC?? Juno’s gonna be up in LA during the weekend so I have no one else to go with. It’s only $10!! 6-9.30! anyone? anyone? now you can’t say I didn’t try asking. oh well let me know 😀

señor fry

5 Responses to “Fly A Kite”

  1. allowe Says:

    what day is the badminton thing

  2. Philip Says:

    Saturday… you wanna go?

  3. James Says:

    Hey remember me? Great blog by the way…

    I’ve tweaked mine a bit, once a know how to do it I’ll link to yours.

    Here it is

    Peace… (love your entry on Lilly Dee)

  4. neozeroneozero Says:

    linux livecd with an aqubar!

  5. neozeroneozero Says:

    mac on the web

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