Jul 26

His Limp Dick

That image probably caught your attention. Joyce gave me that little toy last week and I have it sitting on top of my monitor at work… ahem, no it’s not a dildo (puhleez!). Or maybe it’s just me but doesn’t that look like a limp dick?! It’s like something you’d see on Michelangelo’s David! The picture above reminds me of those tacky penis postcards of David you see in the streets of Rome.

Actually if I zoom out the picture tells a completely different story. Sit back ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you The Series of Unfortunate Events of Limp Richard.

Portait of the Limp Dick

Now Limp Richard is always angry. Don’t mind him. He’s pissed off because of his limp-dick-looking arms. He never told me why his arms look like that but kids, I have a suspicion that it came from an evil witch or wizard (Malfoy perhaps?).

I told him plastic surgery would help, so he immediately made a call to this doctor I knew. He got even more pissed off after he found out how much it costs to do the procedure.

Limp Dick making the call

To help ease the pain, I gave him some beer. Unfortunately, got stuck after falling into the mug.

Limp Dick Drunk

Anyway, I urge all of you to donate some dinero so he can get the procedure done. Just paypal it to my account and I’ll be sure to pass it on to Limp Richard (or maybe not). Be kind to this guy when you meet him. I tried to be kind, but I had a hardest time ignoring his arms. It actually took me a couple of days to get passed that whole limp dick thing, cause that’s all I’d see whenever I look at him! The frequent staring resulted in my butt getting kicked by this guy :-( Yeah I’m sure you guys would like to see what my butt looked like.

3 Responses to “Limp Dick”

  1. Joyce Says:


    We were laughing our asses off!!! Great stuff!

    I can’t believe you think it looks like a limp dick!!!

    Oh, we have more C.I.Boys figurines for you!

  2. Philip Says:

    cool.. wait till part 2!

  3. martymcfry.com Says:

    […] Alas, it my unfortunate duty to report that Limp Richard has been murdered last Thursday afternoon (you can find more about limp richard here). I was the one who found him dead that day. Probably the grossest thing I’ve seen ever! I nearly puked with what I saw. […]

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