Dec 30

Oooh what a weekend. Spent this past weekend at Vegas to check out City Center and to eat some good food and I even made a video!

We stayed at the Aria Hotel & Casino and unfortunately they still have plenty of bugs to work out. I guess that’s expected from a hotel that opened 2 weeks ago but I was willing to take my chances. Let’s see, the first room had the fire alarm chirrping and after two hours of reporting the problem no one came to fix it. So I moved to another room and this time the air conditioner wasn’t working properly. Unfortunately I had to go down both times to the front desk to complain because no one was answering their phone lines. And let me tell you, expect to wait a long time to talk to someone in front desk. Anyway I finally got a room that was working fine and all was well… sort of. Housekeeping took 2 hours to arrive when I requested for slippers and by then I was already asleep. They had the audacity to wake me up at 2.30am just to open the door for them, when they told me they’d leave it outside if no one answered the door.

But aside from the hotel there was the food. Mmmmmm mmm good! Spent the first night at MGM Grand’s Shibuya and we ordered the omakase, which included some yellow tail, wagyu beef (amazing!), and tuna tartare among other things. The second night was spent at Aria’s Sage restaurant and we got some escargot, more yellowtail, and some oysters. I can’t remember some of the other dishes that we got but most of it was great. My mom wasn’t a big fan of the escargot. haha

shibuya yellowtail

Now since it’s Vegas I had to do some gambling. Spent the first night playing roulette and craps and managed to win money in both. And honestly I figure it’d be best to quit while I was ahead so I spent the next 2 days gambling free. 😀 Anyway, craps is definitely fun but I still need to figure out all the bets and stuff.

Anyway, I’m back home and hoping for a relaxing and happy new year. Hope you guys have the same!

Jun 30

Long time no blog! I’ve been really debating whether or not to keep this site since I hardly blog here anymore. It is a little harder to blog about my day to day activities when there’s twitter or plurk, and even then I’m getting somewhat lazy about twittering.

Anyway, I’ve been doing a couple of upgrades today. First I’ve updated Firefox, then i decided to update my ubuntu installation and now WordPress… what’s next?!

Jan 24

Birthday Donut

Jan 22

Oh my, it’s been a while since I had a decent post. So I’m sure you’re all wondering (maybe some of you? maybe one of you?) what’s new with me. Well to sum it all up in one word, it’s… Europe!

Yeah, I know I’ve been hinting on it since last year, but it was only last week when we put some money down for our trip? “Our” you ask? It’s my mom and I that’s going. But yeah, I didn’t want to say anything about it before because I didn’t want to get my hopes up of going till I knew for sure I was going.

We plan on going in April and we’ll be stopping by more than a handful of countries, namely: England, France, Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein (if you count that as a country), Germany, Netherlands, and Belgium. Phew! Yes it’s a lot of countries, but the downside to it all is that the whole trip is only for 2 weeks. Say it isn’t so! Well it is so. So while we do get to see several countries, we’ll only be in each one for a day or 2. But hey, the idea was to figure out which countries to focus on the next time around. Yes, there will be a next time!!!

On a side note, I’ve been taking French classes since last August. It’s going quite well and I think I can get by when I get to France… besides, a lot of people speak English in Paris anyway.

Anyway, things aren’t all rosy yet. I still need to get visas! I’m not as lucky as some of you who just have to wave their passport to get in the country. Me? I gotta fill out applications, get bank statements, get employment verification letters, show the itinerary, then pray my visa gets approved before actually going to Europe. Tomorrow, my mom and I are heading to the German Consulate to get the first of two visas for the trip. I gotta wake up early because they only accept applications from 8-11a :( Anyway, wish us luck!

Dec 05

Madrid 2008 from Timelapses.TV on Vimeo.